About Jerky Advocate

Hello Jerky Advocates! 


We want to be the first to welcome you to the JerkyAdvocate community. We’re a team who cares deeply about jerky of all kinds and we believe in making it as easy as possible for jerky advocates everywhere to find the best jerky in America no matter where you live. 


The jerky market is as craft as it comes- there are independent enthusiasts who develop their own recipes and sell them to local vendors, butchers who make jerky with leftover meats, brands who are on the national scale, and people like you and me who have dehydrated their own meats to share with friends and family. Walk into a gas station in New York and you’ll have a completely different selection than a similar store in Nevada. The taste, chew, smell, touch, and look of each jerky is unique- and the regionality of jerky makes it impossible to know about some of the best meat on the market, which is why we created JerkyAdvocate.


Our goal with JA is simple; we want you to get your hands, noses, and mouths on the best jerky across the country, and our belief is the best way to do this is to have everyone who enjoys jerky to rate jerky. Crowdsourcing the various jerky products in the market allow for regional brands to become national brands- letting the voices who love their Damn Good jerky in New York share with the Mingua jerky lovers in Kentucky. Combining the rating system with a rock solid database creates a breeding ground for you as the consumer to search, scan, browse, and ultimately buy the best selection for your taste buds. 


Whether you eat jerky every day, or once a year, on the beach, in your car, with your friends or even your enemies, we want to be the easiest way for you to find the best jerky out there and rank your favorites for others to find. 


Welcome to the JA community; we can’t wait to chew some meat with you!