Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the product page for the jerky you want to rate. Select “Rate”. A window will pop up. Choose the overall rating between 1 and 5 for the jerky. We use a .1 scale, so be precise! Next select the senses scales for the jerky. This is a feel thing to help other advocates know what the jerky is like. It doesn’t impact the rating. Add a comment and a photo if you please. Then click submit and you’re good to go. 

There are lots of ways to search in JA. The homepage is just a search bar. You’re welcome. There will always be a search bar in the main header. And if you select “Explore” you’ll be taken to a more in depth search experience. User tips: Search the name of the product exactly how it appears on the package. That’s how it’s saved in JA. Meaning any symbols (‘, &, etc.) should be used in the search. We’re working on our search algorithm every day to not have to make you do this. 

Go to your profile page and click “Following”. From there you’ll be taken to a page of all the people you are following. There is a search bar there. Search the name of your friends you are looking for. Their name will appear. Select “Follow”. Boom you have made a new friend. To unfollow just select “Unfollow” and you’ll lose that friend.

Panic! Just kidding. Make sure you are searching the name exactly as it appears on the package. If you are and you still can’t find it, it may not be in our database. Cool! We give you the tools to do something about it. Click on “Add New Product” in the top right and follow the steps to submit the product to our database. We review new product submissions and if it’s unique it will be added to the site within 24 hours. We still give you the opportunity to rate the product you add and that will also show live within 24 hours. 

Yes you can! Go to the drop down menu with your profile picture on it it in the top right of the header. Select settings. Here you can change everything about your account that you’ve set up thus far. 

Don’t see your company’s jerky on JA? Cool, first off good for you. I always wanted to work for a jerky company. Second, go to “Add New Product” and add your company’s products. If your brand or products aren’t listed our team will get them added within 24 hours. 

Unfortunately, no. JA is only for brands that are made in USDA certified facilities or are legally allowed to sell retail. Keep dehydrating meats though! We’re working on ways to be able to get your jerky in JA for the world to see. 

We love suggestions and issues. Check out our Suggestion Box. You can find it in the user profile dropdown menu in the header of the page. Same place where you find settings or actually go to your profile.